A Day in the Life of Sara Sigmundsdottir

I’ve never tried Crossfit before but it’s certainly a fitness regimen that’s been on my list of challenges that I’d more than willing to put my body through. I’m curious to see how my body will react and cope in response to all that constant and varied high intensity movements. It sits right there next to cycling.

Recently I’ve become an avid follower of the sport and that inquisitiveness towards it deepened after having watched the documentary Fittest on Earth. It essentially depicted elite athletes competing in the 2016 Reebok Crossfit Games for 5 grueling days. The nice blend of the documentary and the high volume of Tim Ferris podcast episodes I listen to has turned me on to that obsession of wanting to know what a typical life-in-day looks like for one of these athletes.

In the female category, Sara Sigmundsdottir is among one of my favorite athletes and so it was really riveting to see in this 25min video on how she plans out her day from sun up to sun down. Everything from her meal preps, to her workouts, her goal setting, all while being extremely humble and transparent about her achievements in the sport.

What’s absolutely notable in the video isn’t just that women can be strong, possibly more than men but that it’s something that I feel is more celebrated than before. If you’ve never seen a video of a confident woman demonstrating her mastery, I highly encourage it to do it now because this is the new normal and I’m all for supporting women being depicted as powerful and in charge!