Selena Samuela


I’ve always been vocal in stating that boxing is the one sport I feel I can follow and watch religiously with minimal interruptions because the majority of fights take place at night long after the kids have already fallen asleep. Once the actual fight comes around, it’s pretty effortless for me to feel entranced in seeing how each boxer strives to find that perfect balance, that mythical perfect place between hitting and not getting hit. This contrast is exactly what makes boxing so amazing to me. The mostly highly skilled boxers are not always necessary the brawlers but instead the technicians who their technical acuity to evaluate their opponent and know when to throw a punch.

Long before any fighter steps foot in the ring, there’s a sh*tload of training that leads up to that very moment which to me is equally as mesmerizing as the actual fight.


Selena is boxing instructor at Shadowbox in New York, and who I recently had the pleasure to accompany for a little light training around Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

When asking her about why boxing, her reply is one that can’t help agree with 100% because it’s exactly why I admire the sport myself: “Boxing is one of those sports that teaches you about YOU. If you throw yourself into this sport you're going to find out who you really are; not just your athletic ability or what you're physically capable of, it does that too, but boxing will also challenge you mentally and spiritually thus forcing you to truly grow. “