The Secret Lives of Virgins

For the most part, whether we acknowledge it or not, we all have access to certain people, places or experiences that we immediately take for granted by virtue of have them at our disposable 24/7. You may certainly appreciate every single one of them but it’ll usually take something compelling to happen for you to realize that what you have access to is truly special, particularly when it’s something not many people get to experience. Which begs the statement that regardless of how inconsequential something may seem to you, just know that it may be of value and interest to other people hence the reason for you to share and give us the viewer a tour of your daily narrative.

It’s that same plea to share that’s made me absolutely love Molly Choma’s photo series entitled The Secret Life of Virgins. It captures flight crew member when they’re out of sight of passengers such as when it’s downtime, it’s late or a flight is delayed. In order to “preserve it, not necessarily for the public but with friends and people”, Molly documented these beautiful moments that I’ll forever have present in my mind when I’m onboard a plane.

I’m curious if anything comes to mind for you either from work or anywhere where you have access to something that’s so unique which makes it even more of a reason to document it and share in whatever medium you feel most comfortable practicing.