Clay Cook on Obesession

If you want to lead a fruitful career in photography, then you must be utterly obsessed with photography and creativity. People pay us for a visual impact. If you’re not constantly pushing yourself further outside your comfort zone and not constantly overcoming professional fear, you will likely grind check to check for the rest of your life. Push the barriers of your own creativity and risk everything. The amount of reward lies in the amount of risk. What are you willing to risk for your passion?

One of my biggest fear within this photographic journey of mine is to look back 2 or 5 years from now at my work and become acutely aware that it hasn’t evolved as much. In the beginning there’s comfort in sticking to what we know. There’s comfort in not wanting to deviate from that hard-pressed path we’ve carved out for ourselves but much like our mentality, we’re influenced by what we see, who we meet and the places we go and if we’re not willing to creatively push ourselves as much as we can easily change our minds about things, then how will we ever know how much we can evolve?

From lighting, to video to more in depth storytelling, there’s a lot that I still need to learn and as far as I’m willing to admit that I have creative opportunities like anyone else, I think I’m likely to stay humble and not pretend that I know everything because that’s certainly not the case.

As a side note, I have heard of Clay Cook in passing before but it’s likely I’ll forget who he is in the industry now because his work as much as his writing has certainly began to inspire me to keep pushing along regardless of how hopeless it may seem at times.