Closing Summer with Aimée

I could have very easily just published these photographs I took with Aimée but I at least wanted to give you a bit more context behind it all. In quantifying the amount of times I’ve visited Rockaway Beach this year in New York, which I have to say has always been a rarity, I would say around 9 times. For some friends, I’ve taken the role of unofficial ambassador in view that I’m always raving about how much it’s changed and how worth the long trek out there is.

Aimee had been mentioning throughout the Summer how she’d never been to The Rockaways and how she actually owned a old black dress she’s been meaning to get rid of but before doing so, she brought up how awesome it would be to take a plunge with it in the ocean while taking a few photographs along the way. So that’s exactly what we did!

As for the video portion of our impromptu shoot, it’s a medium I’ve slowly been embracing but still eager to continue experimenting with. In the past, every single video you might have seen me share has been edited with iMovie and yet I knew I would eventually have to graduate from that into a more sophisticated software like Adobe Premiere Pro. In dealing with both photos and video, I’m aware it might push back the turnover rate in which I typically publish anything but I’m really coming to enjoy how the 2 mediums compliment each other and that it’s worth putting in the extra effort to churn out something different.