The Beauty of Self-Doubt as a Creative

When you are sitting alone in a dark room—as I often do—contemplating your value and self-worth, wondering if what you say matters, it does. Know that you are not just good, you are more than good. You are great.

Keep creating, and keep working through self-doubt. The world needs your art.

This may sound a bit disturbing to say but I’ve come to learn that in the creative field, as thrilled as you may be with seeing fellow peers succeed and receive accolades, it’s equally gratifying to uncover that they also have their own share of sh*t moments that comes with the package. The difference is that not many people are candid about those roadblocks. Do you have to be? Not really, but you’d be surprise to learn how a little glimpse of vulnerability in others can help boost your own self-esteem.

I struggle with this “self-doubt” a lot with my work and I’ve noticed it happens predominately when I overthink shoots as oppose to accepting that someone’s hire more for a reason and that I shouldn’t pretend to be someone else in order to meet their expectations. What we create matters and although it may not for other people, as long as we’re fulfilling our own creative itch, that’s all that matters and if people are willing to compensate your for it then of course that’s a bonus!

For little more inspiration on this topic, I highly recommend watching this TED Talk by Casey Brown entitled Know Your Worth, and Then Ask for It