SOLO NYC: Creative Freelancers

There’s not many creative freelancers who I’ve met in New York who are not ecstatic about the unique position they’re in but they’re also not shy to talk about the challenges that come with saying you work for yourself. There’s clients, their admin stuff, theirs banks, there’s branding, there’s marketing, there’s networking, there’s those chills of not knowing when your next gig will come, etc. It’s a lot and it’s something I haven’t fully experienced since I have a day job that covers my expenses and photography for me at the moment is a passionate hustle.

SOLO NYC is this very fascinating 6-minute documentary that takes “an intimate look at the trials and triumphs of New York’s rising class of creative freelancers. Beautifully done and it showcases people who I already feel a bond with simply because we can’t help create stuff we’re passionate about and we can’t envision ourselves doing anything else.