Why You Need "White Space"

I’m always curious to know what anyone’s typical day looks likes because if it’s anything like most people, I would say often times we feel overbooked, overwhelmed, feeling like we’re going through life’s movements without necessarily nurturing our own.

All of this “life stuff” has had me thinking about Jocelyn’s advocacy in ensuring we’re creating the necessary “white space” in our daily routine as a way for us to “focus properly on anything”-

As a parent of 2 kids (6 & 4 year old), I’ve come to accept that parental guilt is something every parent experiences and it will continue to linger until a certain age so it's best to be at peace with its existence.

I obviously love spending time with my kids but during the moments when I may have a photo gig booked, those are the instances I equally cherished not just because of the monetary aspect but because it provides me the breather I need and that every parent shouldn’t feel guilty in taking to pursue something they love. Photography for me is the “white space” I seek because it takes me away from just being a father, a husband and fuels me to continue appreciating what I have.