Chelsey Wilkens

With photography the thrill and chase in finding a new location to shoot adds to that fantastic challenge of creating new work. Sometimes it's easier said then done and with the current winter season we're experiencing here in New York, I wouldn't say it's the ideal time for chasing sunsets which I've come to accept because it's provides more of a pathway to focus on studio time.

Fitness is a space that I absolutely continue to find fascinating and luckily New York is in no shortage of elite athletes that not only have a wealth of health knowledge and experience but who have also had such fascinating backstories and side hustles all which blend seamlessly to where they are now, where they aspire to be and how every little decision they make is basely solely on whether it's fuels anything positive to their active lifestyle. What better people to draw inspiration from then them!


I recently had the opportunity to shoot in Brooklyn with Chelsey Wilkins who grew up with fitness being a dominant part of her life. "She began gymnastics at a young age and continued on to compete at an elite level around the world. After retiring, she joined the circus as an acrobat and began coaching gymnastics with a focus on special needs athletes and worked with the Special Olympics. At this point, 10 years ago, she fell in love with yoga."

Exercise should be a way to connect your self to yourself. Understanding how your body functions, getting it to a place where you move without pain or resistance and are able to use your body as a tool for health, movement, and aesthetic desire. This is why I love being a coach!
— Chelsey Wilkins

I personally would find it difficult to shoot anybody in the fitness industry if I wasn't genuinely interested in how they live their life, especially if their body is a complete reflection of their dedication. I'm a very active person myself so unquestionably it's always an honor having moments with people who do for a living what I do as passion for living a healthier life.


For those that are interested in the gear aspect of the shoot, I use the recently purchased Godox AD200 along with the Photek Umbrella Diffuser. Camera-wise I used the Sony A7R II in combination with the Sony Batis 85mm f/1.8 and the Sony 35mm f/2.8.