Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

Very often it becomes a challenge in keeping a positive outlook in life, especially when it seems like the most unexpected things tend to transpire at the most unfortunate time but I'm pretty sure that the end of the day, regardless of how we may end of feeling, we all end our day with at least few things we're grateful for.

Like anyone else, I was the type that made mental notes of things here and there which played a significance role in my life in any given day but that's pretty much where the acknowledgement ended. I didn't necessarily have any regular gratitude practices. In fact, I wasn't even aware it was a thing until it surely became a recurrent thread in people who's books, blogs or podcast I religiously follow.

Simply journaling 10 minutes a day in a physical leather-bound notebook is something I already do in addition to sporadically publishing here on the site as well as maintaining a family journal in Day One. All this to say that the last thing I had in mind was to incorporate yet another app or notebook that required me to write when I already felt spread thin. But as it turns out, "those who pay attention to what is good in their life instead of what is bad are more likely to feel positively about their life."

There's so many scientifically proven benefits in keeping a gratitude journal that I was sold on the concept and the only way I would consider digging deeper into it was if I found a fun app that kept me motivated to use it every day. In comes Grateful.

Granted I've only been utilizing the app for 3 days but so far it's keep me interested and enthusiastic in documenting the things in life that I'm thankful for but rarely ever take the type to express gratitude towards. My favorite part of the it are the gratitude prompts because there's nothing more intimidating that a blank screen attempting to be vulnerable to yourself.