What You Do After Work Determines Your Future!

I definitely stay up late longer than what I’m suppose to considering I wake up without fail at 5:30am every morning. It’s a personal choice and a rather selfish one perhaps but I’ve come to learn that once in a while being opportunistic about your time is not a bad thing.

I’m not the type to bring work home which means once standard parental responsibilities have been taken care of and my wife has chosen to turn in early, I technically have the winding down hours of the night to completely immerse myself with anything photography which may involve editing photos, composing mood-boards, sending out emails, updating the website with new work, blogging, reading, etc. It’s my time to catch up with what I don’t necessarily have the time to immerse myself in during the day.

Which brings me to Thomas Oppong’s point:

I’m not necessarily against doing fun stuff like playing videos games which I never do anyways but I can tell you I don’t ever feel I’m missing out on anything because the little time I have for myself I’m spending it on pursuits that provide me with a “greater understanding of things across a multitude of disciplines.” That in itself I feel has made me a better person…the very act of selecting what to direct my attention to consistently.