Adjust As Needed

You become what you do. If you want to become a certain kind of person, outline the actions that kind of person does, and then do them with unwavering consistency. Evaluate your progress every month. Adjust as needed.

Isn't that a FACT!

I think 2017 was a time for me to experiment a lot with my photography, specifically with the intention to focus and discover what type of work excited me the most to shoot. If it wasn't a "hell yeah" then more than likely it wasn't worth my time shooting, editing and ultimately never having the enthusiasm to share the photos right away. With that came strategically observing photographers who I deeply admire and seeing how consistent they are in saying "yes" only to projects that will enhance their existing body of work and challenging them in areas that are worth putting yourself in uncomfortable situations for.

In addition to always putting out banging Tweets, Brad Stulberg also writes about health and the science of human performance for Outside Magazine. He's also a co-author of Peak Performance, a book which I highly recommend that combines inspiring stories of top performers across a range of capabilities and teaches "people to discover how they can get the most out of themselves in a healthy and sustainable way."