On Athletic Women

 Photographed at Rockaway Beach, New York with Viviana.

Photographed at Rockaway Beach, New York with Viviana.

Thought provoking article that touches on some of the abuse athletic women receive due to their physique. As someone who has delved deeper into the fitness industry here in New York, I can tell you there's no shortage of absolutely fit women who I've photographed and who look absolutely amazing and the reason I believe people have a difficult time embracing a strong woman is because it challenges their assumption of what a woman should be like.

We should all start thinking differently about women with muscle. I love the fact that I've met women who can squat far heavier than I can because it reinvigorates my perspective in believing that my daughter can one day be just as strong, independent and not be preoccupied by people's opinion who don't have the will power to put in half the work of what these women are doing day in and day out.

The money quote for me in the article: "My body represents my work and my training. I actually train to improve my performance and not to have a good body, but one thing naturally leads to the other."

I personally wish the piece had been longer and I'm curious as to whether there's a documentary surround the topic.