Your Photography Career Direction

Every photographer you know and respect is probably known for one thing in particular and that leaves us all with the question in our careers...there’s going to come a point where we have to decide what is the thing that we want to become known for? What direction are we going to point this thing in?

It takes time to find your specialty. To be able to sharpen that right mix of skills and distinct perspective within your photography work that will make people think of you immediately over anyone else. The ongoing one-liner that I've established for myself is that it took for me to capture a substantial amount of shots of sunsets and puppies to ultimately determine what I truly love photographing as oppose to loading up the computer with digital files that failed to have much of a guiding direction.

Lifestyle, travel and fitness is where my mental focus is at moment. It's the area so to speak that dominates my willingness to want to shoot and if any opportunity that comes up doesn't fall within my realm of focus, I'll either commit to it if the money is good or politely decline if I don't feel it's getting me closer to the type of work I envision myself shooting more of. As Sean mentioned, I rather be known for something and not everything.

By the way, if you're not familiar with Sean Tucker's YouTube channel, I highly recommend you subscribe if your'e the type that gets equally boggled down with all the other gear related channels out there. Sean has such a finesse with words. His messages are never anything overly complicated. In fact, they're without question very inspirational while also being absolutely simple which make them have an higher level of an impact because they're that digestible.