Esencia Nativa - El Salvador

It's been more than 6 years since I've gone back to El Salvador. A lot has change from when my brother and I lived with family in the quaint town of Zacatecoluca. Since then the country has had issues with gang violence which unfortunately makes up 95% of the news reported back here in the states from this small Central American nation. From what I've heard, tourist are rarely effected by all this and quite honestly, if you were to wait and hope for all of this to eradicate then you'll practically never step foot in this country which has so much to offer than we you read and hear.

Today we booked our 8-day trip to visit El Salvador in July. I'm excited to retrace so many steps my brother and I often trekked around the town and to show my wife and kids local hang out areas as well as where we attended school for 5 years. My entire teen years were essentially occupied in El Salvador and as I was doing some research on some spots that I would love to visit, I came across this video a local surfer Alex Novoa, who's the owner of Esencia Nativa, a chill intimate hostel in Playa El Zonte, known for it's affordable lodging among the thriving surfing community.

The money quote for me in the video which served as a strong reminder that there's no better time to visit my parent's country than now: "Don't let the fear keep you away from the experiences. Sometimes watching too much BBC and CNN is not the right way to live."