Permission To Suck

The way to creativity is to create a lot, and the way to create a lot is to give ourselves permission to suck. People will forget the mistakes and garbage we make, but will remember our best works.

Who doesn't enjoy being good at things. It's a sweet position to be in especially when your words and demeanor who are being observed by others give off the vibe that you know what your'e doing. Sometimes we do and other times we make face hoping it all works out at the end.

I was recently in the middle of a test shoot with someone who I had connected with via Instagram. As with all test shoots the pre-work had already been done, so I was essentially walking in with a specific vision in mind but as I began shooting, I had difficulty in connecting to that final product I had constructed in my head. I continued shooting for a few minutes until I called it quits and moved on to the next look. Till this day I wasn't pleased at all with how the photos turned out so I've suppressed all in those photos somewhere in Lightroom.

In my eyes, I sucked and it bothered me tremendously I wasn't able to deliver but I've realized that the worst case scenario from when situations like this happen is to get past the fear of being bad at something. What's the other option? Not to do anything? I think that would suck more!