Stacia Suttles

Stacia, a Brooklyn native, is the number one boxer in her category as well as a member of Team USA. Skillful, humble, determined and gracious are just a few of the attributes to describe her when I had the opportunity to meet up.

When publishing anything I’ve shot with someone, I rarely intent to make it about myself because in essence they’re the talent but in this particular case, I was a little thrown of by an accident I had with my lighting equipment that’s compelled me to make note of it as to avoid it again. Normally on any outside shoot, it’ just my camera and I but as I’ve become more acclimated in working with off-camera lighting, I’ve integrated it into my work with more frequency.

It’s so subtle you don’t realize it’s being used but I notice the difference with the absence of it. Due to its portability factor yet without sacrificing power, I’ve been using the Godox AD200 lately instead of regular speed lights. To make a long story short, I underestimated how windy the day was along with the fact that I failed to secure the light stand with proper sand bags, so the wind caused the entire stand to flip over sending the Godox straight to the floor and cracking.

I must have been too excited when I bought it because apparently I failed to purchase insurance for it. It hurt so bad having to dish out $300 again to replace it since there was no repair option either. Obviously I learned my lesson on both accounts but the moral of the story for me was that I didn’t allow this equipment mishap to send the entire shoot in a downward spiral as I kept my cool and kept going.