Hammer & Nail NYC


Shooting athletics at least from how I stepped into it revolves a lot around conceptualizing scenarios in which you place a strong and fit person within that scene with the intent to photograph them going through a series of intense physical activity. I love it because throughout the process I'm engaging a lot with the person in trying to get pointers with how I can apply a lot of what I see into my own workout regimens.


But there's times when I don't feel like conceptualizing anything. I don't want to think about which athletic outfit and perfect color combination or equipment would work best for whatever I may have in mind. Sometimes I just yearn to enter a world I have a very narrow scope on and be the person who happens to have a camera to capture what I see without interring with what people would normally do if I weren't there.


This was exactly the case when I visited Hammer & Nail NYC in Brooklyn, a new martial arts academy right in the heart of the artistic neighborhood of Bushwick. Justin, one of the trainers was gracious enough to grant me the opportunity to setup and simply capture a normal Muay Thai training session between him and James. He asked me, "Is there anything special you want me to do?" I said, "Not really...pretending I'm not even here" and hopefully a lot of that intense came across in the final photographs.


Location: 400 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Phone: (718) 644-1999