Age Never an Excuse

If you see age as an obstacle for what you can’t do, you won’t get anywhere. You’ll just be stuck doing the same s***, everyday.

But if you see age as just a number and you focus more on learning, exploring, and creating, you achieve so much more. You go beyond your own expectations.

When asked my age, I don't know if taking few seconds to answer represents that I'm 36 or could it be that I simply don't give much stock to the number because it's not a reflection of how I feel. Without question I feel much younger. Growing up, I distinctly recall having our 30 year old uncles visiting us and I couldn't help notice how overweight they were.

I immediately assumed its how I would physically be the around the same age but that's certainly hasn't been the case. As a child the idea of things not being set in stone doesn't always sink and as you grow older it's imperative to hold on to that mental attitude. You're in charge of your own life and you believe it's too late to pursue something then you probably haven't looked around hard enough for people who began killing it at a much older age. Case and point...Anthony Bourdain who I admire.