Living the NION Life

The struggles never go away they just change...

If anyone makes it seem like living the life of an artist is easy it's probably because they've been shy to share all the sh*t they've gone through and continue to improve it in order to achieve their version success. I personally don't do anything of this creative endeavor full-time yet but I can tell you there's a lot of sacrifices involved which hasn't bother me because it still allows me to spend time with people I love while still being behind the camera when I'm not a work.

Someone who I've learned a lot from not just from his work but from his continuous writing on the creative life is Nick Onken. He said, " My journey...was NOT easy… however, I discovered a few tricks along the way that I know could make it a whole lot easier for YOU."

He recently wrote an article on this very topic which I highly recommend you sit and take notes on, especially for those considering starting a career in art.