Why Artist & Illustrators Should Have a Blog

Illustrator Amy Ng on the case for why you as a creative should have a blog:

In all reality, no ones understands your work better than you and while it’s true that we can leave our work to speak for itself, for me blogging has always been that perfect medium to fill the gap that exist when you admire someones works so much but you can’t help wonder who they are aside from what we see.

Which brings me to Amy’s next point:

Not everything you blog has to revolve around what you do as a creative. Yes, I do appreciate all the BTS (behind-the-scene) glimpses of what goes into creating your work but you’re more than just your artwork.

It’s in the moments when you take the time to narrate your story and share who you are as person that we ultimately begin seeing a framework of what you’re all about. I’ve never rooted more for someone who's consistently put themselves out there and written consistently about who they are as person such as Joey L. Be transparent, stop attempting to be perfect because the people who are more likely to relate to your story are the ones that see themselves in you by virtue of you choosing to tell us about yourself as oppose to us assuming who you might be.