Professional Freelancers Don’t do “Gigs”

Being a freelancer means building your own business. Jumping aimlessly from gig to gig may earn you some money, but it doesn’t aid your business development.

Before you take that next gig, think “is this gig going to help me get closer to any of my business goals?” Or, “what value might this project bring me beyond the financial reimbursement?”

I don't "do" photography for a living. At least not yet but the fact that I still hold a full-time job doing something completely different not only guarantees a steady income but it also enables me to be as picky as I want when it comes to gigs.

Some do come with very good compensation but they're not worth the mental stress and the project could potentially not yield work I could consider incorporating into my portfolio, so I decline. There's nothing worst than attempting to convince yourself you're all in on a project when you weren't excited about it to begin with because all that gravitated you towards it was the money.

I question everything I commit to while still keeping the window open for experimentation and opportunities. I agree you can't live off just "gigs" but these are phases you must go through at first to develop that relationship you ultimately seek for with clients.