No Passport Required

There will forever be a void left behind by Anthony Bourdain's passing. There's no denying that. The most we can hope for from a standpoint on what Bourdain showcased which involved the perfect fusion between delicious local food and the people who proudly made it sprinkled with their world perspective, is that someone else at least continues to share stories from people who are not always necessarily seeking the attention. Stories from people who continue to grind it out and consistently and receive support from the cultural community that fuels them.

I became more aware of who Marcus Samuelsson is through Bourdain, specifically the episode on Parts Unknown where Bourdain traveled to Ethiopia with Samuelsson and his wife Maya, to the towns they were born. There's not better way to become aware of a place and it's customs than from someone who's lived it. I highly recommend that episode!

To my surprise, Marcus Samuelsson has come out with a show of his own titled No Passport Required. It's difficult to see the show and not see where the inspiration for a show like this came from which I love because it almost feels like it's picking up a torch that needs to be carried, especially because it feels as if it's a show which America needs right now.

I'm a little biased towards the Queens, New York episode because it's the borough we live in. Samuelsson navigates through the community of Richmond Hill to learn more about the community and sample some of it's Guyanese cuisine. We're literally 20 minutes away from that part of Queens and I can't wait to report back and experience a culture which I've always seen from afar but never really took the time to explore until now.