How I Made "I Like Me Better"

On any given day regardless of the time, you're likely to come across my daughter seeking for anyone to become her audience. She loves to dance and often times not just alongside the music but with actual video to the song as well.

One of her favorites is Lauv's "I Like Me Better" and so one day as she had me searching for it on YouTube on the iPad, I randomly came across a short video shared by Lauv himself describing how he composed this song which I practically know by heart thanks to my 4-year old daughter. His entire process is fascinating. No fancy booth, no fancy studio, just a highly creative guy utilizing his iPhone and talent to create the hit that we know today.

It's not often that I see videos giving us glimpse of musicians in that state of flow creating work. We all appreciate a finished product but you're likely to appreciate it more when you see the steps it took to compose it. Being able to share more of my thought process behind shoots is a detail I'm looking to improve on simply because I know how secretive we creative tend to be as if we'll lose value by teaching others.