Swipeable Panos on Instagram

I’ve received a few DM’s recently with people asking how exactly do I go about publishing swipeable panoramas on Instagram. I’m sure there’s numerous ways to do it but I’l give you a quick rundown on my process.

Panorama created in Photoshop and cropped with Swipe Left app in iOS.

Applications used:

Photoshop: I create the desired panorama within Photoshop first. How I layout each photos is a matter of experimentation but once I’ve settled on a desired look, I export the panorama to the desktop and subsequently AirDrop it to my iPhone. Because I experiment a lot with photo layouts, I’ve amassed a handful Photoshop templates which I alternate with depending on how I envisioned a specific series of photos to look like.

Swipe Left: Once the final photo is loaded on my iPhone, I import it into an app called Swipe Left. The app enables you to crop panoramas into multiple photos which you can then load individually via the Multiple Photo option on Instagram. In the end you’re left with one seamless cohesive piece when published.

For this particular shoot, I got commissioned to document a one-of-a-kind experience on the amazing rooftop of The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as part of their #SummerSweatSesh. A pure hi-energy class with the one and only Charlee Atkins in partnership with Drink Body Armor and Well+Good.