If your art happens to make money, then it’s all gravy. But don’t try too hard to make money. That’s just plain annoying. Give everything away (creative commons non commercial), and hardcore fans and other businesses will find a way to reward you.

When I think of HDR, Trey Ratcliff instantly comes to mind. He has one of the most amazing travel photography blog showcasing his journeys and he recently shared some of the most non-typical photographic advice ever you’ll ever receive.

I agree wholeheartedly with his “making money” statement. I’ll don’t generated nearly enough from selling prints to dedicate myself full-time to cultivating this site and to quit my day job but that fact that I may go weeks without selling anything doesn’t faze me whatsoever.

Marketing plays a huge factor on how many people could potentially see your work but since I’m not into photo-blogging for the sake of striking it rich by selling prints, I draw encouragement in doing what I do with this site by the gratifying emails and growing RSS subscribers I’ve been receiving. If people like what I do, they’ll find a way to thank me that doesn’t necessarily have to involve money.