A Comprehensive Guide to Wedding Photojournalism

Daniel Sone over Phototuts has published a well written in-depth guide into wedding photojournalism which has become a very popular style of having one of the most important days in your lives documented.

Vanessa and I got married 2 years ago and despite having a wonderful photographer chronicle the event, the approach of him capturing moments was as traditional as you would expect where there’s a lot of directing and posing involved sprinkled with some candids of us.

Photojournalism in general implies not just a different style of photographs but a different technique in capturing them. These are the people who are skilled at stealing moments without attracting attention which should be the case because when people are having fun and enjoying themselves, they automatically create the backdrop for taking better photos, assuming the photographer is skilled at this type of shooting.

In the end, what you want from your wedding photographs is to relieve the story you experienced that day and there’s only so much of it you can see when everything was posed rather than candid.