A Father and a Photographer

Becoming a father has been one of the most remarkable experiences of my life and what has certainly made it even more gratifying is having a wife that’s both an amazing partner and mother.

We found out we were expecting the day after Halloween and the excitement only grew as the months rolled on. It was an incredible feeling when I felt the little fella kick for the first time and that same night as we were laying in bed, my wife leaned over with a smile and said, “I can already imagine the amount of photos you’re going to be taking of your son.”

Baby Evan's Bath Time

Up to this day, she’s been right and she’ll continue to be because whether you’re a photographer or not, there unquestionably be endless moments when the urge to snap a photo will be as natural as standing over their crib gazing at them as they sleep.

Even on days when I may not have the opportunity to journey around Brooklyn like I normally do, you can rest assure the camera is far from just stationed on the tripod which stands by my desk. Along the way I’ve made sure I’ve captured as many memories of Evan growing up because looking at him now is just as amazing as recalling how small he was a couple days ago.

I photograph our son so often that my parents got a bit overwhelmed managing the high volume of emails that I send them of their grandson. To simplify their life, I gathered all the photographs I’ve taken of Evan so far and dumped them into a folder in Dropbox on my computer which I then share with them after having set up their computer with a Dropbox account.

They have a MacBook, an iPhone and an iPad in their house, so regardless of which device they choose to reach over for, it’s guaranteed that any of theses devices will fulfill the purpose of showcasing photographs of their grandson.

The most recent one is this photograph of my son Evan as he’s being led by my wife into the bathroom for a morning bath.