Write. Read. Inspired

I wouldn’t say not photographing affects me entirely. Yet, there’s certainly guilt in seeing your camera set on a tripod next to your desk the way I have it and realizing the period from which you last interacted with it seems to have elongated more than you would like.

It’s not collecting dust either but if it were up to us, we’d want to occupy at least half our day exploring the type of photo journeys we day dream about but because life is so rushed and we have other obligations to a bear in mind, the question of how do you keep yourself inspired when you don’t have a camera with you comes to mind.

Plan. Write. Remember

Typically if we’re deprived of the tools we need to develop our art, there’s a logic to not obsess with the inability to accomplish anything since as photographers, we ultimately need a camera to tell our side of how we perceive things.

The easy part to photographing the stuff you like is uploading and sharing it. The flip side to that would be not having anything to share for days yet striving to keep that same level of participation lets say on your blog as if you had just completed the best self-assignment ever.

Self-assignments keep me occupied when traveling plans are on hold but what can you occupy yourself with in times when you can’t do both? How do you keep yourself creatively inspired?

For me, what you’re reading now is part of it. I resort to writing about what I would rather be doing which is photographing. Whether I’m good at it or not is another topic but like Shawn said, “quality content is not dependent upon its topic. You may write with regard to any subject you choose. It is how you write that matters.”

The starting point for any topic comes from reading as much photography related stuff I feel is as valuable as spending an entire day training your eye to see better with the camera. I like to think world renown chefs gain most of their inspiration for their craft by reading and tasting the works of others and a lot of that happens outside of the realm in which they thrive - the kitchen.

So my point is even though we might not have our cameras with us all the time, that doesn’t necessarily imply we can’t at least absorb ourselves with material that could very well be inspiration for when we eventually get our hands on it.

I thought having a photoblog would absolve me from having to write as much but it’s had the opposite effect on me because I’m enjoying it even more.