A Lesser Photographer Newsletter

As a photographer, there’s typically 2 type of sites one would visit. There’s the extremely technical ones that speak endlessly about the latest gear in the market. These are good when you need them but they don’t necessarily motivate anyone creatively to do anything other than want to spend on equipment they don’t need. These sites are a complete distraction because you’re likely to spend more time thinking about how much better your photographs would look if you had “this” rather than being out shooting anything. These sites are like Home Depot to me. I visit when I need something and not just to daydream about everything I could potentially own.

Then there’s the sites that infuses you with the complete opposite of technical jargon. These are the ones that instill you with such a desire and enthusiasm to drop everything and head out with your camera based on inspiring words you’ve read. This is the type of writing I drool over and I’m placing A Lesser Photographer’s Newsletter in this category.

In 2010, CJ Chilvers began a project of minimizing his photo gear and techniques to the bare essentials to see if what he produced could be as meaningful. The experiment and related resources are published at A Lesser Photographer. He’s currently in the process of developing a book on the subject but in the mean time, he’s pushed out a newsletter which features a sneak peek of the book.

Coming from a person who generally doesn’t subscribe for these type of things, I received the first issue in my inbox yesterday and I can’t encourage you enough to sign up now. It’s entitled The Most Important Tool and the money quote for me is from one of CJ’s photography professor:

Whenever there is a sunset in front of you, turn around and start shooting what’s behind you.

The point being, “create something you care about and it will rarely be a cliche.”