A New Beginning for Shawn Blanc

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting paid for what you do and I don’t think anyone would oppose that concept but for many, the grasp of a person making a living wage out of blogging is still foreign for some to take in. We’re so use to the 9-5 notion of making money that anything outside that realm sounds unusual.

I read somewhere that “one of the biggest barriers to people making money online is their willingness to admit to themselves that it’s possible,” yet I don’t think it should solely be the motivating factor for executing everything one does.

For me, the greatest appeal in blogging is the ability of the writer to say whatever they want and when they’ve managed to attract the attention of people who are more than willing to listen, then it becomes natural for the creator to want to dedicate more time to content that has a clearly committed audience.

I’ve been reading Shawn Blanc’s site for about 3 years now and it was probably the first blog I ever fully scrutinized page to page, top to bottom. For me, there was a sense of purpose and ownership for everything written. It’s easy to quickly fill up space with bare words but it became clear that this guy genuinely placed significant thought in everything he wrote.

The best comparison I have for my first impression of Shawn’s writing and thought process is the same I have for when I see the appliances people have in their kitchen. Some don’t just own a coffee maker - they place emphasis in having the best of what’s out there because I assume the framework and aesthetic look of the tool is just as important as what comes out of it.

In this case, Shawn’s site is the coffee maker and the coffee his writing. I love a great cup of java but not enough to spend more than $200 on a coffee maker but I’m sure as heck willing to support someone who knows the value of both.

Enough with the analogy confusion on my part and back to the gist of this non-photography related post which is to express my full support of Shawn’s decision to dedicated himself full-time in cultivating shawnblanc.net even more.

I love sharing my photography and writing as much as anyone else but I’ve learned that developing online relationships is just as important because that’s the real impetus behind wanting to do it more. It’s not necessary to always receive something tangible when you pledge money. When you come across something you believe in, you give to it because you want to see more of it and compensate the person for producing something that you obviously have interest in.

With that said, cheers to Shawn’s new beginning in April.