A New Chapter for Eric Kim Street Photography

If you do a quick Google search on Street Photography, it’s practically inevitable that you’ll come across an article written by Eric Kim. I’ve linked to several helpful photography advice he’s written in the past and it’s the type of tips that are easily transferable to any area of photography you may specialize in.

Street photography is one of those intricate genres in that you can immediately distinguish what it is but it’s more difficult in seeing how you can monetize from it. I would think most photographers do commercial work as living and street on the side as a form of creative release.

For the most part, everyone starts off with photography being a hobby but if there’s anyone that can make a full-time living out of street photography while running a website that commemorates this type of work, it would unquestionably be Eric Kim and that’s what his new career focus is after having been laid off.

Hopefully I will be able to make a living by selling shirts, through advertisements and sponsorships, and also by doing street photography workshops in LA and all around the world.

I’ve been in contact with him already because I’ll be among the first to sign for his street photography workshop that he’s expecting to do one day in New York.