A Photographer’s Journey to Find Purpose and Meaning

There’s nothing sweet-sounding about feeling uncomfortable but I find myself agreeing with Nicole Wolf’s advice on how maybe this is exactly the type of situation one must undergo so as to reinvigorate yourself as a photographer. Your work should say something about you and if doesn’t, then maybe it’s time it should -

If you feel stuck or unfulfilled—if you fear that your work declares nothing about the person you are—seek an opportunity to do something beyond yourself. Immerse yourself in vulnerability and you will discover a deeper understanding of who you are in the broad scope of humanity, who you are as an artist, and how we as photographers carry a huge responsibility when we step behind the lens.

The amount of rejections I received while doing the “Something About Me” Series was discouraging but I continued it for 3 reasons. I wanted to place myself in an uncomfortable situation as a photographer, I wanted to reach a level of comfort for approaching people and most importantly it involved a photojournalistic/documentarian mentality which is what’s appealed to me lately.