A Photographer's Audience

In the last couple of months, I like to think I’ve developed as a photographer and along the process so has this website. It’s encouraging seeing subscriber counts rise and as a result of the growth, the question of who’s actually reading the site becomes of more importance to me.

I generally don’t talk about stats but anyone with a site knows it’s a great tool to measure the amount of people who are admiring the work you’re putting into maintaining it.

In PhotoShelter’s Photography Blog Handbook, there’s a segment where well-known photographers talk about their blogs and one of the prevalent advice they give is for you to be able to identify who you’re writing for and to think about what people would want to read. Are you blogging for potential clients or simply for an audience of other photographers?

I haven’t conducted a formal poll but based on the emails I receive, I’ve composed 3 general snapshots of who I believe reads Jorgeq.com:

  1. They’re photographers themselves but not necessarily professionals. They would place themselves in the amateur category instead. They’re as passionate about the craft as I am and while admiring the work and accomplishments of others, they’re equally striving to fulfill their own photographic ambition.
  2. A portion of them don’t consider themselves photographers per say but they own a dSLR, they avid shooters and they willingly support those who work they admire.
  3. They’ve had absolutely no interest in photography at the beginning but they think highly of the craft and in seeing how much once’s willing to explore new places and experiences, they’ve ultimately developed a curiosity for wanting to take part in the excitement of photographing.

I’m hardly ever one to grumble about being overwhelmed with email. In fact, I encourage it because I’m pretty quick at responding to every one of them and I enjoy hearing from people who are “into photography” as I am and who practice it as consistently as I do and yet don’t necessarily have a set plan for what they ultimately want to accomplish with it.

I write about what I know without pretending that I know more and I’m realizing there’s more avid photographers out there in the same boat. I sincerely appreciate your readership.