In Dumbo Brooklyn

A couple weeks ago The New York Photo Festival took over Dumbo, Brooklyn. It was free and open to the public so we made the short trip over to this thriving artistic neighborhood. I’ve been here countless times and as much as I tell myself that I would never attempt visiting by car anymore, I somehow always find myself driving around wasting gas searching for a parking spot that doesn’t involve paying a ridiculous amount of money an hour or a spot where I’m unlikely to get towed as a result of vague parking signs

It’s difficult to photography this place without be tempting to capture the obvious. I had my 5DMII with me which I only ended up taking a total of 7 shots with. The whole experience of being present was documented via Instagram which I found more exciting, perhaps due to the instant gratification of sharing my findings rather than waiting to get home, edit and upload.

Dumbo is truly an amazing off-the-beaten-path place to visit. Don’t be surprise to discover how expensive everything in the surrounding area my be. From food, to parking to a month’s rent. Other than that, I recommend you pay a visit if you’re ever in New York. Jane’s Carousel is probably the most recent attraction added to the park.