A Tool That Helps Me Tell a Story

Whether you classify yourself as a street photographer or not, we’ve all participated in the genre and never have I felt more like a declared street photographer than when I’m shooting with the iPhone.

The device is highly identifiable but what you’re doing with it is not always apparent simply because the options of what you can be accomplishing are practically endless seeing that there’s an app for everything. That works in our favor because you can essentially get away with photographing subjects under circumstances that wouldn’t be as easy using a dSLR.

Train is Running Late

Buy the Newspaper

Prime example of how I feel utilizing the iPhone “as a tool that helps me tell the story I wanna tell” is this Blurb video of Emmy award-winning and multimedia journalist Richard Koci Hernandez. He talks about his passionate iPhone-agraphy tactics and how mobile photography appeals to those who are captivated by the act of instantly shooting and sharing. His observation in that no one pays attention to you if you wear headphones is spot on. 95% of the photos I’ve secretively shot using Camera+ have been taken this same way.

Commuting at 6am

Instagram Photographs by Jorge Quinteros

Speedy Conversation

This past week my Instagram feed had more activity than usual because I was commuting to Manhattan everyday via subway to undergo training for a position I took on with a new company. My general work commute has always constituted driving, so the change of scenery of traveling into a city that’s practically begging to be photographed was thrilling.