Abandoned NYC

The idea or physical act of standing in a place where very few are willing to visit now but was once inhabitable by people is beyond appealing to me. I’m aware of the existence of a couple abandoned places around New York but I’ve never necessarily ventured out on my own to explore them. Because of this and for as long as I’ve known this site, one can say that I’ve lived vicariously through Abandoned NYC.

While viewing a few photo essays composed by Will Ellis, one is immediately prompted with the question on how he’s managed to gain access to all of them. For this he’s written a disclaimer where in order “to protect his liability, he’s unable to give out information about how he entered, so he ask for the public to please refrain from contacting him with these questions.”

Either way, I’m fascinated by all of the work and I wouldn’t mind driving by a few of them to see if there happens to be a broken down fence to jump over. If you’re up for visiting at least one of these places and you live somewhere in Brooklyn or Queens, feel free to shoot me an email.

Among the places that have intrigued me the most are: Red Hook Warehouse, Gowanus Batcave and Yonkers Powerstation.