Abandoned Shack

Costa Maya, Mexico was 1 of 4 destinations that we visited during our cruise vacation. Once we disembarked and looked pass the recently spruced up privately own facilities with swim bars, duty free shops and vibrant people that welcomed all passengers, that’s when we really establish a sense of what lied beyond the fascade that you see when you first arrive.

Back in 2007, the port was set to receive up to almost 1 million passengers traveling on cruise lines alone but after the category 5 devastation that resulted from hurricane Dean, anything that looked promising then still appeared bleak 2 years after.

Like anywhere else, the local vendors that constantly approached us wanting make a sale of their hand-made products were just trying to make a living, raise a family and get through an ordeal that is more than noticable when we toured the town. Abandoned shacks like these were numerous but a decent portion has been rebuilt to keep the fact alive that the Costa Maya still offers that refreshed and unique experience that travelers seek.

Speaking Spanish came in more than useful to me and when you have a connection with the people, the news you hear about the place even after you’ve left becomes somewhat personal.