Admiring Astroland

For as long as I can remember, Coney Island has never been the glitzy summer retreat you would envision if I showed you no pictures of the place and just told you it’s been a popular amusement park that attracts a strong amount of residents and tourist every year.

This summer, for about 45 minutes I sat in front of the Cyclone photographing people when I realized that this is truly one of the most terrifying rides in the park mainly because it has the look as if it’s going to fall apart. Aside from that, it also still has the stomach twisting turns going for it which accounts for most of this screams.

As much as I try to recount my visits as a child, I can’t think of the time when the boardwalk didn’t appear to be falling apart or when the rides didn’t seem to shake and rattle more than they sped yet when you’re 10, moving targets and cotton candy can make you oversee what most people would worry about.