Admiring the Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo Brooklyn is perhaps one of the lesser talked about structures that you’ll ever be advised to walk across during your visit to New York. In my opinion, it’s impressive in its own right but the Brooklyn Bridge has always taken precedence as the main attraction in the neighborhood.

You can walk across the Manhattan Bridge but it isn’t as popular. I’ve only walked the wooden walkway that runs the length of the bridge once but I rather admire the solid metal and blue steel facade of the bridge from afar. I’ve also been on the subway going across the bridge and on each occasion, I’ve noticed that the only people on the bridge were a handful of joggers taking advantage of the lack of pedestrian traffic.

You can capture some decent photographs of the skyscrapers rising from the heart of the financial district but the only drawback is that the bridge has really high fences on the rails, so it can hinder the opportunity for a postcard photographs that you’ll probably prefer. For that I suggest walking the Brooklyn Bridge instead.