Admiring Tweetbot

At this point I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been said about Tweetbot other than referring to it as an artistic masterpiece. I’ll leave the impressive reviews for those that are much more eloquent in dissecting the ins and outs of it. To no surprise, I’m more the type that preferred photographing my first encounter with the app which is what I did while sitting at a nearby coffee shop.

There’s a handful of apps I’ver never given second thoughts in buying. Usually price is a determining factor but definitely not the only one. For me it comes down to trying to envision how much I’ll actually use it. I may not tweet as much but there nothing wrong with wanting an app that reinvents your approach to the service. As for the cost, you’re less likely to think about how much you pay for something when you’re using it more than you ever thought you would. Tweetbot has only been out for a day and as much as this app has kept us anticipating its release, it’s undoubtedly been worth the wait.

Have you ever seen a Blackberry owner going out of their way to photograph one of their favorite apps? It’s almost unheard of. It’s quite the opposite with iPhone owners. We love our device as much as the apps that make it worth using.