All Day Soccer

I’ve photographed around Bushwick, Brooklyn long enough to be comfortable with stares I may occassionaly attract from a community the has a large concentration of Hispanic immigrant families. I don’t usually get approached but when I do, I like to think that being able to communicate with them fluently in Spanish sort of subsides any trepidation they might have from being photographed.

When photographers are able to relate to other people, I think there’s more of an opportunity to answer the question of whether our work is making a difference. I’m no Humanitarian photographer nor can I travel the world to see the many problem facing people but what I do have is the ability to connect through photographs with those who are willing to be part of it here at home.

Throughout the week, you’re likely to find the the same crew of Ecuadorian guys taking over the basketball court to play soccer. They were all far too consumed into their game to notice me photographing and usually that little detail can make a difference in the overall picture.