There are a million great photographers and the technology is there to make everybody feel like a great photographer. However, the challenge is to be consistently good and to be able to reveal more than everyone else on the subject you are working on. I think many people mistake taking pictures of exotic and beautiful places as being committed but it’s not enough just to travel and take pretty images. You have to go deep and show something original and unexpected, something that teaches and surprises.

Ami Vitale in a recent interview with Alex Garcia from Assignment Chicago. Ami is an absolute role model to many aspiring photojournalists, not solely based on her expertise as a photographer and a storyteller, but because of her attitude and outlook towards the field of photojournalism. Quite honestly, you don’t even have to be into photojournalism to appreciate her work. It’s the storytelling aspects that rises above everything else.

For a quick introduction on her work and her gear, I suggest viewing this video where she talks about both.