Ann Curry Talks Passion & Photography

The general perception of a few celebrities or TV personalities is that their minds are largely just consumed with fame, money and some form of addiction because that’s all we really see and read about. But they are people just like us and while they’ve made a name for themselves base on their work, that doesn’t imply they have no other interest from which they obtain enthusiasm and passion from.

There’s not a single morning that I don’t wake up watching The Today Show. Ann Curry, who is not only a respected journalist and news anchor on it, is apparently also an accomplished photographer who with her extensive travels, has captured some remarkable raw moments wherever she’s gone.

On a segment from a couple months ago, Ann spoke eloquently about the craft and the passion she has for it and I couldn’t help admire her even more not just because of how incredibly dramatic her work is but also because of the assumed feeling of closeness that exist when you discover a shared interest between someone else and you.

I can’t imagine how hectic her work schedule could be but despite that, it’s fascinating to know that what gives her peace is photography. It’s a perfect example of the saying, “if you love something, you truly make the extra effort to make time for it.”

And in case your’e wondering what camera she’s holding, it’s the $7,999 18MP Leica M9. Not shabby at all.