Arch de Triomphe

To say there’s no city like Paris may be a cliche’, but it’s a profoundly true statement. I’ve had the fine pleasure of visiting this spectacular city in two occasions with each stay being completely original from the other.

When you choose to go will have an impact on how much you’ll be able to see. Summer and Spring is the most expensive but the added expense is worthwhile in comparison to the bone-chilling weather of Winter that I bow never to go through again because I endure enough of it here in New York.

When I’m asked about what it was like, I always start off by saying that “If you don’t appreciate art, history, culture and a lot of walking, then don’t even bother making the trip.” I think you have to be able to first esteem the artfulness in your city or town before justifying going half-way across the world thinking that your value for it will be different. I’ll admit that The Da Vinci Code movie was the driving force for my wife and I going.

As for this photograph, it took me a total of 8 shots standing in the middle of a packed cross section on the hectic Champs Elysees avenue in Paris until I was satisfied with a photo that best represented being in the presence of the enormous Arc de Triomphe.

Added to the pressure was the reality the not all of us visit Paris, so this moment was significant, rare and it wasn’t something I wanted to screw up. The complete amount of other things that begged to be photographed in the area were endless and quite frankly overwhelming, so deciding how to approach my subject before framing the shot was priority.