At The Apollo

The Apollo is one of the many tourist attractions in New York mainly because their stage has been used as the platform form which top American artist have launched their career. The place is known as Where Stars are Born and Legends are Made Later and while I’m not too familiar with every star that’s taken center stage, who could possibly forget the incredible concert by Michael Jackson where he performed Billie Jean and debuted the infamous Moonwalk.

The theatre is located in Harlem, a neighborhood which I had never visited before partly because it doesn’t generally have the highest of reputation but then again, neither does Bushwick but I have to admit that I felt more comfortable photographing there than in Harlem. The objective was to spend a decent amount of type photographing the people, the buildings and the rich African American culture but after 45mins, I took the train back home.

I saw several of the red Hop On & Off tour buses and people were quite satisfied in simply photographing and catching a quick glimpse of this landmark without the need to get off. The one place where I felt locals where more receptive to a camera being around was in Chinatown but not here. Perhaps a more compact camera would have been more suitable for this quick outing.