At the Light

As I’m learning more about the technical aspects of photography and the different approaches and philosophies you can apply to really individualize your style and be more confident with your work, I’ve learned that my adoration for the camera will never start nor end with my gear.

Both cameras I own lend themselves very well to any form of shooting I may have in mind but there are moments when I’ve preferred to have one over the other and in those cases I don’t let that desire serve as an impediment for not doing my best with what I have. Normally I would have said “I don’t have the right camera” where I should be saying “I can shoot with whatever I have.”

There was one instance while on vacation where I didn’t have my dSLR with me and all we had was my wife’s point-and-shoot and when a photographic opportunity presented itself she said “oh, you don’t have your camera though”. I’m not define by my gear and neither are you.

You’re defined by your inspiration, your vision, your creativeness and in trusting your instincts to break away from your comfort zone and not trying so hard to be different but in being you.

I’m far from where I would love to be as a photographer but when friends get annoyed that I took a photograph in the same place where we both happen to be and mine gets more attention, I thrive on that because it’s not about what camera we had, it was about how differently we chose to see things around us.

Taking advantage of the dull moment that is waiting at a traffic light, I happen to have my camera with me and this is what resulted from it.