Average Saturday Morning

Aside from the image quality and megapixel incentive that comes with shooting with a full-frame camera, getting adjusted to not having the magnification bonus of 1.5 that I once had with the Nikon D90 has been unusual to say the least. I guess the ability to not having been able to see the full potential of a 50mm lens had been normal.

Using a crop-sensor camera has been the equivalent of cropping a photo before it’s even been taken and I had been told this before but I failed to fully experience it until now. Prior to upgrading to the 5DMII, I had never looked through the viewfinder of a full-frame camera and it was one of the those experiences that you’re best not going through because you’ll never want to got back.

As for the photograph of this perfect stranger, I managed to capture it as Vanessa and I took our usual early morning ride into Chinatown in Flushing on weekends to do all our grocery shopping mostly because it’s considerably cheaper than anywhere else around our neighborhood. As I had mentioned before to someone, I don’t feel any different photographing with a 5DMII because the challenge of capturing something worthwhile is still there.