Boarding American

With the exception of most of its employees, it’s fair to say that I enjoy airports. They’re a setting mixed with both intrigue and boredom. They’re fascinating for what they fulfill such as allowing people to travel far distances quickly and rather easily yet their boring to those have no choice but to await long periods of time for their flights. And how can you forget the superficial advertisements, the overpriced souvenirs, the stale muffins and the iPod dispensing vending machines.

There’s something for everyone and if you happen to be the people watching or always-having-a-camera type, then spending time in a place more than you would like will not faze you as much. At the time I wasn’t too familiar with the protocol on being able to photograph anywhere inside the airport so sitting near an area where I was unlikely to be noticed was key as we waited and waited. Having a fisheye lens opened the opportunity for a little more creativeness in the shot.