Mayan Souvenir

In comparison to the cold, dark and lengthy days of being in New York during the holidays, Cozumel is a heaven that can be reached in 6 hours to experience the complete opposite. It’s a beautiful place with gentile people, colorful culture, appetizing food and not to mention a feast for your camera. Photographs seems to come easy in the sense that the overwhelming feeling of newness is too much to prevent you from not wanting to document everything.

I’m always attracted to the beautiful settings of a place as much as I am about the people in it. Particularly in Mexico, it’s interesting in seeing the residents being part of a culture fighting to keep their delicate balance of rich Mayan heritage of the past with all the commercialism of the present. Mementos of their ancestry were unquestionably encountered every in Cozumel and I would be remiss in not bringing back a portion of it after having enjoyed so much the stay in this beautiful country.